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Position Paper: Proposed TRPA Shorezone Plan 

This handout discusses key Tahoe Area Sierra Club (TASC) concerns regarding the proposed Shorezone Plan, based on the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s May 2008 Proposed Shorezone Plan (which relies on the November 2006 Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and the 2007 “Blue Boating Program”) and actions members can take to help protect Lake Tahoe. 

The Preferred Alternative (dated 5/2/08) will mean an additional:

- 128 new private piers (10 new public piers);

- 1,862 more buoys, most of which will be private;

- 235 boat slips; and

- 6 more boat ramps

Added to Lake Tahoe’s beautiful waters over the next 20 years.  By comparison, there are currently 768 piers, 4,454 buoys, 2,694 boat slips, 18 floating docks and 37 boat ramps on Lake Tahoe.  The Plan also estimates an additional 80,543 new boat trips per year; by comparison there are currently an estimated 232,000 boat trips per year already.  In summary, this means: 

Less Public Access on and around Lake Tahoe


Increased Water and Air Pollution


Permanent Scenic Degradation to Lake Tahoe’s Famed Shoreline


Further, the TRPA’s justifications for allowing more shorezone development do not convince. They are contrary to both the spirit and we believe the letter of the law that is laid down in TRPA’s Compact and the United States Clean Water Act. Some of these justifications are included and discussed below.


“Do harm first then hope you can fix it” Approach


“TRPA needs to allow development in order to obtain funding (through mitigation fees) for mitigation and enforcement programs.”


Disconnect from Current Science & the New Regional Plan


If TRPA is allowed to focus efforts on how to allow more development in the Shorezone and facilitate a 30% increase in boat use, rather than how to preserve this gem called Lake Tahoe, then imagine what this means for the future of the entire Basin when TRPA updates their Basin-wide Regional Plan in the next year.  The TRPA was developed to protect Lake Tahoe from the degradation caused by extensive development in decades past and prevent further harm.  Yet TRPA’s focus has once again shifted to allowing more development at the expense of the environment as well as the public’s access rights on public land and the Lake.  Please do not let them do this to YOUR lake!   

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