First Annual Wilderness Photo Contest!

Tahoe Area Sierra Club
P.O. Box 16936
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96151

Notes from Cindy Ochoa:

Our next meeting is on November 20th.
Brooks and Karen Martin will present a short video and slide show on their 30 day trip to Antarctica.

November 20th - 7pm
Unity at the Lake
1195 Rufus Allen Blvd
S Lake Tahoe, CA

Notes from Grace:

Hello Tahoe Area Sierra Club Members

This message is from Grace Anderson, the Chair of the Tahoe Area Sierra Club. I hope it finds you in good health and happy as the beautiful Autumn continues.

The Tahoe group's bylaws require that we conduct an election for our Executive Committee annually. With this email we are initiating the election for 2014. Candidates are needed to run for Executive Committee!

The bylaws provide for a seven member Executive Committee (Ex Com). The purpose of the Ex Com is to guide the Sierra Club's work in many areas, including community engagement, outings and protecting Lake Tahoe. Three new members were elected in December 2013. These members are Cindy Ochoa, Lynne Paulsen and Ann Nichols. They have served one year of their two year term. Four members were elected previously and their terms are expiring. These members are Jerry Yeazell, Roger Rosenberger, Laurel Ames and Grace Anderson. All four seats will be filled through this election. Two incumbents are retiring and two will run again, along with other candidates.

The purpose of this message is to encourage any member who wishes to join the Ex Com to indicate their interest by submitting a Candidate Statement. It would consist of two paragraphs that provide a short biography and explain why you are interested in being on the Ex Com. All Candidate Statements are provided to our Nominating Committee, who will review eligibility and and prepare the ballot. All members will be mailed a ballot and will have four weeks to mail back the ballot to the group's post office box. The committee will count the ballots in mid January and 2015 Ex Com will meet January 19, 2015.

All candidate statements submitted to Cindy Ochoa by December 1, 2014 will be considered by the Nominating Committee. We hope many will be interested! Questions should be directed to Cindy or the Nominating Committee chair, Patricia Hickson
I will not be communicating further as I will be a candidate.

The Tahoe Sierra Club not only survives, its beginning to thrive.

Best, Grace



Grace Anderson

Vice Chair
Cindy Ochoa

Conservation Chair

Laurel Ames

Lynne Paulsen

Jerry Yeazell