August 10 - 12, 2007
Clair Tappaan Lodge Fundraiser
Meteor Shower Weekend

3rd Annual Fundraiser

click here for more meteor information
and a great animation

Friday Evening,  August 10

3 pm  Sign-in begins
6 pm  Dinner
7:30 pm  Living Room  
    s'mores and brandy
8:30 pm  Dining Room: Movies

The Day the Water Died (30 minutes)

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The Donner Party (90 minutes)
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Saturday Morning,  Aug 11

7:30 am  Living Room -
fix your own sack lunch; sign-in continues

8 am  Breakfast

9 am Hikes begin

Birding Hike
History Hike

More hikes!  Not yet scheduled

Forest Hike
Swimming "Hike"


Saturday Afternoon and Evening

3 - 5 pm  (Outside)
    Wine and Cheese Reception
Silent Auction
    Children's Activities

6 pm Dinner and 50/50 Raffle

7:30 pm Library - Music   notes.gif (4682 bytes)

Hutchinson Lodge -
     Trading stories around the fireplace

Dining Room - Presentation on the
       Perseids Meteor Shower
       followed by outdoor stargazing


Sunday, August 12

1 am  Wake-up call (optional) for viewing            Perseids Meteor Shower

7:30  Living room
     hike sign up and fix sack lunch

8 am Breakfast and Fundraiser Finale

9 am Hikes begin

Lake Hike
Andesite Peak Hike



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Cost for the entire weekend including food and lodging Friday and Saturday nights $150 ($70 for children 4-13.)

Saturday-Sunday (with one night stay): $100

If you choose to come only for the Saturday events cost is $100 (children $30.)

And for only the Sunday events the cost is $25 (children $10.)

Please contact Peter Lemkuhl, CTL Manager, to make your reservation and choose the events you want to participate in (for head counts for the leaders.)

Phone Peter at 530-426-3632 or 800-679-6775 or email:

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