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Shasta Chapter
Calif. Native Plant Society
Dedicated to understanding, appreciating and conserving our native flora.

Battlecreek Alliance
Fighting clearcutting in far northern California!

Churn Creek Bottom Friends
Upholding our agricultural and rural lifestyle and preserving it for our future generations.

Klamath Riverkeeper
Campaigns to restore water quality on the Klamath River, bringing vitality back to the river and its people.











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Last  February, 2014

     The Shasta Group serves members in the far northeastern corner of California.  The Shasta Group Executive Committee meets in the Redding area.  Please see the latest edition of our newsletter for details about events and current environmental issues.

     Our bioregion is vast and diverse.  From the dessicated lava flows of the Modoc Plateau, to the perpetual snow of Lassen Peak and Mount Shasta, down to the oak woodlands of the Sacramento Valley, and west into the Klamath Range, our area provides an amazing variety of special places to recreate and significant places worthy of protection.  If you'd like to explore the region with the Shasta Group, check out our latest outings schedule.






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