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To submit by mail, please print, fill out the information and mail it to the address below along with check payable to: 

GLS Mother Lode Sierra Club
P.O. Box 160511
Sacramento, CA 95816

Your Meetup log-in name:
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[ ] $5  Individual membership
[ ] $8  Joint membership

You may also use Paypal, either on our Meetup site, or directly as explained below.

The easiest is to click the "Donate" button below to be taken to our GLS page on Paypal. You don't need  a Paypal account to do this.
You can also go to  and
 log in if you have a Paypal account, then "Send money" to this email address:

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Either way, you can pay with a credit card or with Paypal funds from your account.

Thanks for your support!!

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