Some guidelines for enjoying
your GLS outings


Signup/Transportation to trailhead/ Cost sharing

Please do not call outings leaders after 9PM evenings.

We encourage carpooling to the trailhead and may designate a local place to meet, but cannot be responsible for arranging rides, or for your safety while traveling. The outing always begins at the trailhead, not at the carpool.

It is customary to reimburse the driver for gas and any expenses such as tolls, parking and entrance fees. We make no recommendation, but a rule of thumb often used is $2.50 per passenger, per hour of driving time. So for a trip of 2 hours each way, that would be $10. per passenger. Gas prices being what they are, ask the driver.

Take a plastic grocery bag to place your muddy boots in after the hike.

Drivers are expected to have adequate insurance, and to see that their passengers are returned to the carpool location after the outing.


What to bring

Water (2 qts., or more on a hot day). Try to drink before you become thirsty.

Lunch and snacks

Clothes appropriate for the weather/location (raingear, hat, swimsuit...).

Boots are usually advisable, sometimes required. To prevent blisters, wear two pairs of socks (a thin polypro "liner" under a non-cotton boot sock). Cotton socks hold moisture and cause blisters.

Medications you might need, such as for bee stings if you're allergic.

Sunglasses and Sunscreen. Ultraviolet damage is much greater at Sierra altitudes.

Odds 'n ends. Band-Aids, pocket knife, signal whistle, bandana, flashlight, map, bug repellent, Moleskin, toilet paper (and a Ziploc bag to pack it out), Wet Ones towlettes, camera, binoculars, nature guidebooks, water purifier, matches, maps, swimsuit & towel.... what else might you need? Maybe a bigger pack!


On the trail

  • Follow the instructions of the leader.
  • Please don't come unless you intend to stay with the group.
  • Be sure you are in adequate physical condition to undertake an activity. Note an outing's difficulty rating, and check with the leader if you are uncertain. For instance, try a brisk local six-mile walk (and some stairs) before attempting a similar trail hike at Sierra altitudes, which will be more difficult.
  • Don't rush ahead of the leader. If you do get ahead of the group always wait at any trail junctions.
  • If you need to leave the trail for a pit stop, or wish to explore on your own while the group is stopped for lunch, make sure to let someone, preferably the leader, know.
  • If you need to leave the group, for instance to return early, you must see the leader and initial yourself off the signup sheet before you depart, which relieves the Sierra Club of responsibility for you.
  • Leave No Trace. "Pack it in... pack it out" includes apple cores, banana peels and... yes... TP.
  • GLS activities are non-smoking.
  • Pets and children under 18 are not generally included, unless specified as okay in the newsletter write-up for a particular event. We do have dog hikes and kid-friendly hikes, from time to time.
  • For questions about outings, call the individual trip leaders, not after 9PM please.
  • Sounds like a lot to remember, but we're really a very relaxed and congenial group. Have fun!

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