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Fly-fishing or spinning fishing is widely available throughout the greater Tahoe area. Local streams and lakes are populated by several native species and stocked with trout. A fishing license is required and we encourage catch-and-release practices in order to ensure the sustainability of the steams and lakes. We all know that the best fishing spots are big secrets, but we would be happy let you in on a few!

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Suggested Lakes and Streams:

  • Sagehen Creek - This is a challenging catch and release stream for fly-fishers that fishes well throughout the season. The creek's deep pools hold native Cutthroat and Brown trout of good size which are the prize for the experienced fly-fisher.
  • Donner Lake - Here children can catch their first Rainbow Trout by dropping a hook from one of the many public docks or from the banks of the lake. The deeper areas of the lake are also populated by the huge native Mackinaw trout.

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