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Clair Tappaan Lodge

Clair Tappaan Lodge

Donner Summit boasts one of the highest concentrations of climbing routes in the Tahoe area. Donner Pass Road provides easy access to many high quality rock formations for both sport and trad climbers ranging from beginner to expert, allowing climbers to maximize their time in the vertical world!

Suggested Areas:

  • School Rock - This domelike formation offers solid granite, great views of Donner Lake and the Truckee Basin, and several beginner/intermediate mulitpitch routes. There is even a training slab that is perfect for introducing children or first timers to climbing and rappelling.
  • The Black Wall - This is the largest wall in the Donner Summit area and attracts climbers in the intermediate to advanced levels. The numerous 3-4 pitch trad routes present a variety of challenging climbing features such as cracks, slabs, and chimneys.

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