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Into the Woods Once More

Members of our Group had the opportunity to re-engage in October with the US Forest Service on parts of the Travel Management Plan which was partially completed several years ago, but this time on Subpart A.  Subpart A is the minimum roads analysis for national forest roads, but was not considered before they tackled and completed Subpart B - much to environmentalists’ dismay.  We have attended several meetings and are writing comments now.  A group of other environmental organizations are also continuing on with the process.  For the record, environmental groups did not legally challenge the Travel Management Plan even though it was not wholly satisfactory.  One of the objections we had was that it did not do Subpart A first and rely on those findings before making management decisions without gathering all the information.

For lovers of the Grouse Lakes area, the Pacific Watershed and Forest Lands Stewardship Council is still slowly continuing its distribution of the PG&E divesture lands from the bankruptcy settlement of years ago.  Several parcels in the Grouse Lakes region which are of great public value for wildlife and recreation and adjacent to a large inventoried roadless area have been recommended to be retained by PG&E.  The Chapter and others have written in the past to try to persuade the Council to donate the lands to the Forest Service (Tahoe National Forest jurisdiction) in order to further consolidate management in this very checker-boarded area.  We are renewing our efforts at persuasion at the behest of concerned staff and will try again at the November 19 Council meeting.


Congratulations to Sierra Club California

          We have awesome lobbyists in Sacramento who managed with your help to bring some good environmental bills to the Governor’s desk and he signed them!  Among the dozens he signed by the end of September were bills to reform California’s groundwater regulation, create more access to electric vehicles, begin to address short-lived climate pollutants, and ban distribution by grocery stores of disposable plastic shopping bags. Sierra Club California Executive Director, Kathryn Phillips, advises the following information the plastic bag ban:

“Sierra Club California has officially entered the battle to preserve the plastic bag ban signed into law by the Governor in September. That law is being challenged by out-of-state plastic bag makers who are circulating petitions for a referendum on the November 2016 ballot designed to overturn the new law. (Remember: If anyone asks you to sign a ballot petition on plastic bags, just say "NO" and then tell me about it.)  We have joined a coalition that includes other enviro groups and grocers, among others. The coalition is called California vs. Big Plastic. “


Kristen Sorg-Overton is the winner of SNG's $1000 scholarship for 2014.  

She is graduating from Bear River High School and will attend Cal Poly and major in Environmental Science.

Photo by Richard Thomas.  L to R: Jim Olson (Chair, SNG Scholarship Committee), Kristen, Barbara Rivenes (SNG Chair)

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