Important Outings Information
for Participants

Read About the New 10 Essentials

Liability Waiver
Each participant on an outing is required to complete and sign a standard liability waiver.  If you would like to read the liability waiver before an outing click here or contact the Sierra Club Outings Department at 415.977.5528 for a printed version.

Sellers of Travel Law
CST 2087766-40. Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California.

Hiking Classifications
The Mother Lode Chapter uses a simple system to classify day hikes.  A day hike's classification is expressed as "Grade 1B" or "(3D)", where the number represents the total estimated mileage of a trip and the letter represents the total estimated elevation gain for the day.  In most cases there will be an equal amount of descent.  Some trips may also have a size limitation or special restrictions for reasons of safety or to reduce their impact on the environment.  If you have questions about whether you are in condition to participate on a hike, call the leader to discuss it.

Grade 1 (less than 6 miles)   A (less than 1,000 feet elev. gain)
Grade 2 (6 to less-than-10 miles)   B (1,000 to less-than-2,000 feet elev. gain)
Grade 3 (10 to less-than-15 miles)   C (2,000 to less-than-3,000 feet elev. gain)
Grade 4 (15 to less-than-20 miles)   D (3,000 to less-than-4,000 feet elev. gain)
Grade 5 (20 or more miles)   E (4,000 or more feet elev. gain)

The 10 Essentials

Sun Protection
Map & Compass
Layered Clothing
First Aid Kit (w/Moleskin)
Pocket Knife

Medication and Medical Problems

In addition to the above essentials, each day trip participant must have with them enough of any life-sustaining medication to last for a 24-hour period (in the unlikely event they get stuck out over night).  Participants on trips that will last for more than 24 hours need to have enough medication to cover the planned duration of the trip, plus a few extra day's worth, just in case there are delays.  A participant's medications that might be necessary to counteract or treat reactions/conditions should they be stung by a bee, experience an asthma attack, etc., also must be carried on the trip.

It is important that every prospective participant who suffers from a medical problem contact the leader before the date of the outing to discuss their problem and how it might be affected by the outing.  If they are not able to speak with the leader before the date of the outing, discuss the problem in private with the leader before departing.

Transportation/Cost Sharing
Due to insurance restrictions, Sierra Club leaders are prohibited from organizing ridesharing/carpools.  Participants are, however, encouraged to voluntarily share rides.  All trips begin and end at the trailhead, not the initial meeting place.  Any carpool arrangements are private agreements between the driver and the passengers.  Drivers must carry adequate insurance coverage.  Riders are expected, as a matter of courtesy, to reimburse drivers to cover the transportation expenses of the trip.  The Chapter does not have a recommended reimbursement rate.  Groups and Sections have established suggested rates ranging from 5 cents per mile to $4.00 per hour of driving per passenger, plus an equal share of any bridge tolls, and parking and park entrance fees.  It is important that drivers and passengers agree on the terms of their carpooling before leaving the meeting area.  Besides agreeing upon a rate, drivers and passengers should also agree as to whether or not they wish to stop for dinner when offered as an option.  Drivers and passengers are free to settle on any agreed rate.

Outings' Size Limitations

The Sierra Club has a policy of minimizing the impact of its activities on the wilderness. Because of this, many trips listed in the Outings Schedule have limits on the number of participants. Some limits are absolute; others are less firm but no less real. At times it may be necessary to turn away people who wish to participate. We hope you will understand the need for this.

Your comments are welcome.  The Outings Guidelines and Conservation Education Committee is interested in feedback from new members and long-time outings participants about the way our outings are organized and conducted.  Please provide Tony Loftin with any comments and/or suggestions regarding our Outings Program. Click Here to Email Tony or call him at 916.448.3230.