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The 10th Annual Clair Tappaan Lodge Fundraiser is coming August 15-17

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Clair Tappaan Lodge Fundraiser


Help us stop clearcutting

Help us raise needed funds to stop clearcutting in the Sierra Nevada!

Please support our fundraising campaign to end clearcut logging. Watch our video about how a Sierra Club mom is working to stop clearcutting in the majestic Crystal Basin Recreation area near campgrounds and trails. Indiegogo logo

Donate what you can today to protect our forests, water and wildlife from irresponsible logging. Help us reach our goal of raising $8,000 to help stop the devastation.

Sierra Club has been a leading champion for our forests for over a hundred years. Clearcutting harms wildlife habitat, water quality, forest health and degrades outdoor recreation. The Mother Lode Chapter includes hundreds of thousands of acres of Sierra Nevada forest that is threatened by clearcutting. Thank you for your support in ending the devastation.

The deepening honeybee crisis & our food supply

(From Sierra Club's Genetic Engineering Action Team)

What's all the hoopla about honeybees?

   When people think of honeybees, honey comes to mind. Most people are not aware that honeybees are a major pollinator for crops that produce one third of American food, including over 140 fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Yet honeybee populations are in significant decline. 

What's the science behind dwindling honeybee populations?

   There's a a strong body of scientific peer reviewed papers linking the honeybee demise to a widely-used class of neurotoxic pesticides called neonicotinoids ("neonics" for short). This new class of pesticides has been registered for use since the early 1990's. Commonly used neonics are imidacloprid, clothiandin, thiamethoxam (and others).  Traditionally, pesticides are applied directly to the soil or plant. In 2005, Monsanto received patents to "coat" their propriety genetically manipulated seeds with neonics, primarily manufactured by Syngenta and Bayer.  Since 2005, seed treatments became the new norm, in order to protect emerging seedlings from pests. These neonic coated seeds are encapsulated with a material which releases the pesticide slowly. Read more here


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10th Annual Clair Tappaan Lodge Fundraiser

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